Chief's Welcome

Chief Chuck McGinnis, Director of Public Safety

The Highland Park Department of Public Safety is a unique blending of fire, police, and emergency medical services. An officer with the Highland Park Department of Public Safety is assigned to one of three 48-hour shifts, either "A," "B," or "C" shift. Public Safety Officers are cross-trained in police, fire and EMS, and engage in each of these disciplines every shift. It is a demanding profession that requires highly qualified and motivated officers to fulfill the requirements of the profession. The Operations staff is supported by an equally motivated Administrative staff. At the Highland Park Department of Public Safety we work hard each day to deliver the highest levels of service.

There are two key elements in providing the high levels of service that the Department delivers. First, it requires quality people with the highest ethical and moral standards and a desire to be of service to the community. Second, it requires rigorous education and training to be proficient at our jobs. Only by selecting the best people and providing the best training are we able to provide the best service.

A key aspect of our ability to keep the public safe is the participation of the public itself. We engage our citizens in making a safer community. Our officers and employees are encouraged to interact with citizens and share crime prevention and safety information on a proactive basis. We recognize the value of community involvement in preventing crime and accidents to make Highland Park a better place to live and work.

Each member of our department is committed to treating people with dignity and respect. We endeavor to make every contact with the public a positive experience.