Security Camera Registration Program

The Security Camera Registration Program allows residents and business owners who use security cameras the opportunity to register their address with Highland Park Department of Public Safety (HPDPS). In the past, detectives with HPDPS have successfully used security camera footage to investigate a variety of criminal offenses in town. Should a crime take place near your residence/business, an investigator with HPDPS may reach out to you: the possibility exists that your security cameras may have recorded a suspect and/or suspect vehicle without your knowledge. By registering your camera, investigators can quickly identify addresses near an offense location where security cameras are located.


If you would like to register your security camera system with HPDPS, please fill out the online form here: Security Camera Registration Form.

The information you provide regarding your camera systems will be for official use only. Your personal information will remain confidential and not be distributed except as required by law, or a court order. The Security Camera Registration Program is voluntary, and you can withdraw consent to view video footage from your camera system at any time.