Communications / 911

The Communications Division of the Department of Public Safety is the first point of contact for emergency service requests for police, fire, and EMS. The highly trained 9-member crew answers 9-1-1 phone calls as well as handling requests for non-emergency services, often at the same time. Answering 9-1-1 calls or the non-emergency phone line is only one aspect of the communications position. Dispatchers are trained to simultaneously handle many tasks, an often under-appreciated skill. Communications Specialists are trained to handle phone traffic, radio traffic from officers, and enter call information into the computer-assisted dispatch system. The ability to multitask is the trademark trait for dispatch personnel. Communications staff receive ongoing training in the area of "critical call taking," and stress management to further assist those callers in an immediate crisis.


Each communications specialist holds their Advanced Telecommunications Certificate through the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement. 

Always On Call

The Communications Division is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to handle your requests for service and can be reached by phone at 214-521-5000. In case of an emergency, dial 9-1-1.