Public Information Requests

The Public Information Act (Chapter 552 of the Texas Government Code) provides a means for citizens to inspect government records. Requests for public information must be made in writing and sent to:

DPS Records
(Arrests, Crash Reports, Offenses, Fire, EMS, etc.)
Attn: Hali Key
Highland Park Department of Public Safety
4700 Drexel Drive
Highland Park, Texas 75205
Phone: 214-559-9342
Email DPS Records

Public Information Request Form - DPS (PDF) (arrests, crash reports, offenses)

Fire Records Request Form (PDF)

Procedure for Processing Requests for EMS Records (PDF)

Town Records

Attn: Joanna Mekeal, Town Secretary
Town of Highland Park
4700 Drexel Drive
Highland Park, Texas 75205
Phone: 214-559-9457
Email Town Secretary

Public Information Request Form - Town (PDF)

Helpful Tips

In your request, please:

  • State that you are making a public information request
  • Be as clear and as specific as possible about the information you are requesting
  • Provide your contact information

You can learn more about the Public Information Act on the Attorney General of Texas website.