Park Photography Policy

Photo of park gazebo and fountain

To ensure a positive experience for our visitors, you are asked to follow these rules and guidelines when filming or taking photography in our parks or Town Hall and its plaza area. 


Filming and photography are not allowed if the activity involves any of the following: 

  • Pursuant to FAA regulations, the use of aerial drones (proximity to Dallas Love Field - Class B Air Space).
  • Sessions that involve a business, product, or service intended for commercial purposes, as Town Hall and our parks are not zoned as a Commercial District. Examples include, but not limited to product placement, advertisement and/or for merchandising purposes. 
  • Filming or photograph sessions occurring before 7:30 am, or after 7:00 pm (Monday thru Sunday).
  • The use of, but not limited to: set dressings and or props (backdrops, chairs, couches, etc.), equipment (artificial lighting/floodlights, etc.), 
  • Entry into areas not open to the public or before or after normal visitation hours.
  • The on-site sale or scheduling of a film or photography session to the general public. 

Park Rules Ordinance

Town Code of Ordinances


Those wishing to film or take professional portraits or personal keepsake photos are welcome to do so, but must follow these guidelines:

  • Abide by the rules listed above
  • Changing clothes in a vehicle or tent is not allowed. All subjects must come dressed for their session
  • Avoid causing damage to Town resources or significant disruption of normal visitor use
  • Persons are not allowed to: 
    • damage, remove, or relocate Town landscaping or decorations
    • stand or walk in landscape beds or climb on trees, shrubs, rocks, sculptures, etc.
    • play or stand in a water feature
    • block access to or on any public path or walkway