Gifts, Memorials, & Donations


Memorial gifts are most welcome, and are a thoughtful way to remember someone. You may ask the library to select a title that is needed for the collection or suggest a title or subject. We will promptly send a letter of acknowledgement to a relative of your loved one or whomever you select, with a copy to you, describing the donation.

Gift or Donation Examples

We appreciate all donations for the purchase of books (large print, for children, fiction and non-fiction), movies, audiobooks, furniture, globes, and equipment. We will work with you do determine which best suits your needs.

We also appreciate donations to honor someone, in which case we will send a letter of acknowledgement to that person informing him or her of your generosity and thoughtfulness. A check or cash gift may be given in honor or memory of someone, or to recognize a special event like an anniversary, birthday, graduation, or any special occasion.

We thank all those who have given gifts and donations to the Highland Park Library.

Taxes and Limitations
All donations and gifts to the library are fully tax-deductible, and are subject to the same criteria that apply to purchased materials. Only those with no limitations or restrictions can be accepted.