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Hackberry Creek Master Plan

Hackberry Creek Master Plan Exhibit  

Lakeside Park Project

Improvements for Lakeside Park will include improved grading and drainage, landscaping, sidewalk connections, bench pad locations, and an ADA accessibility ramp east of the pedestrian bridge. Landscape rehabilitation will focus on areas where tree coverage, pedestrian traffic, and ducks have compromised existing sod and/or ground cover. Lakeside Park will remain closed through Spring 2024.

To view updates and more information on Lakeside Park Improvements, please visit the project updates page.

Tennis Court #1 (Prather Park) Reconstruction Project

Pickleball is officially coming to Highland Park! Pickleball now has 4.8 million participants nationwide and a 39.3% growth rate over the last two years, according to the Sports and Fitness Industry Association's ("SFIA") 2022 Sports, Fitness and Leisure Activities Topline Participation Report. Currently, the Town has pickleball striping at Tennis Court #5 at Fairfax Park and Tennis Court #8 at Abbott Park. The Town will reconstruct Tennis Court #1 in Prather Park into four, fully dedicated pickleball courts. This project will also include upgraded lighting and bench seating. The pickleball courts are designed to have a four-foot-high ball stop fence with a windscreen between a set of courts. Fencing around the perimeter of the entire court will also be graduated to ensure unobstructed views of the park. The layout and design of the court will allow for conversion to a tennis court in the future, if desired. 

 This project is estimated to begin after the first of the year (2024) and be completed in late spring/early summer. 

View plan of the Tennis Court #1 reconstruction.