Irrigation Inspections

Water Conservation & Irrigation System Inspections

As the weather begins to warm in the spring months, take a moment to inspect your irrigation system: You could be losing water and be unaware of the problem. Check out the potential problems below to see if your system could use some fine-tuning.

Symptoms of Poor Maintenance

  • Erosion or water runoff
  • Swampy areas
  • Obstruction of spray pattern
  • Dying plants
  • Water spraying on the street or sidewalk

Problems With Sprinkler Heads & Valves

  • Valve leaking
  • Head clogged
  • Head leaking or broken
  • Plants blocking sprinkler
  • Rotor or impact heads are not rotating
  • Head pushed too far into the ground
  • Head tilted or spraying in wrong direction
  • Sprinkler spacing not providing head-to-head coverage on the lawn

Symptoms of Low Water Pressure

  • Pop-up system not fully extending
  • Spray is not reaching proper areas
  • Doughnut-shaped dry areas in lawn

Symptoms of High Water Pressure

  • Pipes keep breaking
  • Sprinkler nozzles blow off
  • Spray is misting or fogging
  • Spray is overshooting desired areas

The Town of Highland Park is committed to helping you save water and maintain a beautiful yard. To check to see if your irrigation system is efficient, schedule a free system check with our licensed irrigator. Call 214-521-4161 today to set your appointment.