JULY Titles for Young People

Summer Reads

Courtney's Pick

Duck & Goose Go To the Beach
by Tad Hills
In the spirit of summer, join Duck and Goose on a sunny trip to the beach.

Kortney's Pick

Narwhal's Otter Friend
by Ben Clanton
This title in the Narwhal and Jelly series, Narwhal meets a new friend, Otter, who is an explorer with tales of the high seas. Jelly gets a little jelly, but it all works out in the end buccaneers. Plus, there are waffles and otterly fintastic otter puns. 

Laura's Pick

Squidding Around: Fish Feud!
by Kevin Sherry
This recent graphic novel series presents fun, aquatic adventures with sweet, quirky sea characters – a perfect quick summer read for youth.

Nancy's Pick

A Fish Out of Water
by Helen Palmer
Ah, summer, that glorious time for climbing into the treehouse and pulling up a book and a bag of cookies in a bucket. Ah, time to ponder the mysteries of the universe. How did Mr. Carp get Otto back in the little fishbowl???

Randall's Pick

Three Bears in a Boat
by David Soman
Featuring subtle humor and beautiful illustrations, this tale of epic, high seas adventure makes a great beach read.

Sandy's Pick

The House at the End of the Road
by Kari Rust
My childhood summers were often spent at my grandmother's. The same goes for our three young protagonists.  But what began as a normal visit quickly changes into a summer of mystery, discovery, and learning that first impressions are often wrong.

Vanessa's Pick

Aquicorn Cove
by Kay O’Neil 
A young girl, who is struggling with grief and the loss of a loved one, discovers a colony of magical seahorse-like creatures on the verge of destruction. If she wishes to save the Aquicorns as well as her own seaside town, Lana must find the strength to stand up for what she believes in. Aquicorn Cove weaves a story of loss and resilience with minimal words and charming illustrations. This book is an absolute gem!

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