JUNE Titles for Adults

Summer Learning


Courtney's Pick

Craft Your Own Happy
by Becci Mai Ford 
This collection of craft projects will guide you to your own form of mindfulness and self-care. There are many beginner-friendly projects to choose from, such as cross-stitching, embroidery, paper craft, home décor, and more. 

Kortney's Pick

How to Machine Sew: Techniques and Projects for the Complete Beginner
by Susie Johns
I have not used a sewing machine in years; basically, I am back to beginner status. This book is perfect for someone new to the craft (even includes machine diagrams and accessory lists) and someone hoping to start anew. 

Nancy's Pick

The Swedish Art of Aging Exuberantly: Life Wisdom from Someone Who Will (Probably) Die Before You
by Margareta Magnusson
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Stretch your exuberant aging skills by enjoying this wise, practical, and charming guide from the 80-something author of the international bestseller The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning.

Randall's Pick

The Wok: Recipes and Techniques
by J. Kenji López-Alt
Elevate your cooking by mastering one of the most versatile tools in your kitchen: the wok. James Beard Award-winning chef and Culinary Director of Serious Eats, López-Alt guides readers through proper techniques (and the science behind them) for preparing noodles, dumplings, curries, traditional dishes, and so much more. 

Sandy's Pick

The Milky Way
by Moiya McTier
What if the Milky Way could tell its own story?  Dr. Moiya McTier writes from the anthropomorphized perspective of our home galaxy, telling the story of its creation, its future, as well as the myths we humans have formed about it with scientifically sound, if somewhat snarky commentary.  It is like talking to your best friend who also happens to be the Milky Way.

Victoria's Pick

Creativity: A Short and Cheerful Guide 
by John Cleese
The master of wit himself offers a refreshing counter to the idea that creativity is only a product of pure talent. While truthful about its brevity, this guide is surprisingly informative and offers encouragement to the self-proclaimed unimaginative with candor.

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